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Writing is hard work and sometimes it is good to vent, to share and to learn. This blog is a place where I can do all these things. Please check in, or subscribe, and be sure to let me know what you think in the comments!

How Proper Spelling Sets a Good Writer Apart

Good Spelling Will Increase Your Credibility and Authority It is unfair but many of your readers will tend to assume that your work lacks credibility when they see spelling errors in your content. Even if your content is good people tend to assume that poor spelling...

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Welcome to My New Copywriting Clients!

How To Get A Great Freelance Copywriter I am an online marketer as well as offering freelance copywriting services; that means you can be sure that I understand the time and talent constraints you face when it comes to completing the various tasks you have to do to...

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How To Brief a Copywriter For Best Results

Better Briefing Brings Better Writing When you brief a copywriter, no matter what the purpose is, you need to be able to transmit the ideas and goals in your head (or ideally your marketing plan) to your chosen copywriter. A well written brief is like a map that...

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