The Internet has given copywriters like me vast opportunities to develop our craft and market our skills, especially in advertising and public relations. Consequently, the increase in the demand for copywriting services has created a mad scramble among copywriters to present new and innovative ideas to win favor from potential clients.

Underlying all the tricks and gimmicks are the same techniques that were introduced a century ago but that most people simply don’t know about. This article will share some of those ideas so that you, as a buyer of copywriting services, can make better choices about who to hire – and why!

• Grab Their Attention

To get somebody’s approval means to get their attention first. Internet users are confronted with headlines hundreds of times a day whether it be at the top of a blog post, the lead into a news item or in an advertisement. The headline may be the first and the last chance to hold a reader’s attention.

Knowing how to create head-turning headlines is undeniably one of the most important copywriting secrets that writers keep under their sleeves. However, do not leave the headline to do the job by itself. Keep the viewers’ curiosity running by leading them throughout the page with interesting content. Create a character or message that is not boring, but one that can effectively stir the reader’s curiosity and keep her glued to the page.

• Write for a Specific Audience

Target Your Customers

A Good Copywriter Will Target Your Customers

It is easy to write something for the public, but there is no way that we can please all of them. The copywriter needs to identify a specific audience before writing your piece. For example, writing copy aimed at divorced people with a child, in this case, you need a headline that identifies the audience: divorced people and secondly the problem that such people face with their kids. For example Kids and Divorce: Ten Tough Issues works because it identifies the audience and hints at the content, curiosity will lure the ‘right’ reader in and not waste the time of the ‘wrong’ reader. Because the content is targeted to a specific audience any responses to the call to action in the article will be more likely to click through and also to be pre-qualified for the offer!

• Tell a Beautiful Story

People buy products, services, and ideas either on impulse or on the basis of a considered decision. At times, the logic only comes after the purchase is made, and most often, the buying choice is based on emotion. For example, when people buy the latest Android phone, they buy it not because of the usefulness, functions, or features of the gadget. It is because of the prestige of owning a device everyone desires to own and the feeling of pride to belong to a group of few owners. Possessing a state-of-the-art cell phone is cool, and it rocks. Nevertheless, how does a copywriter create the rocking?

This leads to one of the best copywriting secrets to the fore: Sell to the readers’ emotions. Writing effective copy is about helping prospects to imagine how life will be when they get hold of the product, subscribe to the service or buy the idea. The copywriter will paint a mental picture of how amazing they will look, or how incredible their life will become, because of what the article is offering them. Create a beautiful image in their mind and they will come rushing to get what you sell. To do this, tease the emotions of the reader help them to understand that your offer alone can provide what they need.

Here are the most powerful drivers of sales, if your copywriter successfully matches your offer to these emotional drivers then your offer is likely to succeed:

  • to improve their looks
  • to become famous
  • to overcome their fear
  • to make an impression
  • to remove pain
  • to become rich
  • to gain respect

When I write for you I will always seek to blend the user benefits (not features) of your offer with human emotions. When I describe the details of the product, service, or idea, the prospects need to know how the offer can do good things for them and how it can fulfill not only their physical but their emotional needs as well. When I describe the product I will always try to write about the benefits of the offer and then tie the benefit with a product feature. Poor copywriters tend to work the other way round and focus on features.

In conclusion, I will grab the attention of your specific audience and tell a great story that touches their emotions. These are the three well-guarded copywriting secrets of the masters. I will use them (and some others) and you will see for yourself how quickly your offers become a hit with your audience.

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