Tips and Tricks for Wildly Successful Press Releases

Press Releases: Still a Great Marketing Tool!

Once upon a time, everybody sang the praises of press releases. In today’s world, they are constantly under fire, considered by many people to be useless in today’s online-oriented world.

Sometimes it is easier to think that press releases do absolutely no good at all, that they don’t work. This is true for people who try to get away with using a free press release distribution service along with a poorly written press release. Poor quality press releases and distribution will not get anywhere at all. When you actually work to create an eloquent, informative, and well-targeted release you can help your business quite a bit. Now let’s look at a few tactics that you can utilize to ensure that your press releases help you generate more business.

Kill With Your headlines!

You need to have a killer headline. This is true for everything that you write. A press release, just like a blog post or an e-mail, has to have a powerful title to get readers interested in giving their time to your message. People will see your headline and take notice of what you have written. Having a great headline should make people think “That’s what I was looking for!”. You will have to focus on crafting your headline for a little while. It will say what the press release is about, but only enough to pique their curiosity. You want it to be both exciting and intriguing. If you have no skills in this area, look at someone that does. Use what they have written for inspiration to get your own headlines completed. If you really want to improve your skills in Internet Marketing, then writing press releases will help you hone the skills. Look for great examples of press releases on the net and maybe collect them into a swipe file that you can refer to in the future.

Get The Look Right

An example of what not to do is use two pages for your release because that is too much information. With that in mind, you should try to keep the word count to less than about 500 words. News editors and journalists who want more info can easily contact you for additional information and that brings us to another important point: news editors will look at your press release, and if it is not in proper format it will be deleted. Use a good template that includes all the information you need to share in your press release. You can download a template that I use from the link at the bottom of this article.

Do you recollect the “five W’s” that you learned in elementary school years ago? When you wrote a paper, it typically had to include the who, what, why, where, and when aspects of whatever topic you were discussing. The best papers would also include the “how” component of the story or paper. This needs to be the golden rule you follow in your press releases – always answer these questions! Remember, you are specifically writing about a certain service or product. So when you are trying to convey your message in the press release, adding the five W’s, and the how, and help readers understand your product or service and how it is valuable to the target market.

If you want to be successful online, you can use press releases to help you achieve your goals; just make sure that you do the job right.

It Is Worth Doing Press Releases Right?

Don’t believe anybody who tells you that the work isn’t worth it. People like that are usually looking for overnight success without doing the work. A foundation for success can be established if you simply use the strategies and tips in this article. With some research, you’ll turn up plenty more great ways to use press releases in your business but for the best results, you might want to consider hiring an experienced copywriter to write powerful press releases for you. When you hire me you get a marketing aware copywriter able to craft a powerful message that pushes the buttons of both busy news editors and your clients.

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