Secrets of Successful Copywriters to Look Out For and Copy

Like any other profession, copywriting has its own stash of secret techniques to ensure success. Copywriters know how to boost sales, write promos and other advertising ideas that will get the attention of readers and listeners – a good copywriter will use these techniques to get people flocking to your product or service offer. These copywriting secrets have been proven to get the desired results in captivating your audience from start to finish. Some of these techniques have been used for decades but they can still generate the same profitable responses. The principle of selling does not change very much but rather it is the manner of presenting copy in a way that appeals most to people that changes over the years.

The Power of Storytelling

Storytelling is one of the most effective copywriting tricks that can significantly produce positive results in any marketing and promotional campaign. Strangely enough, many copywriters do not seem to recognize the importance of using this method. Storytelling can be applied in any type of copywriting where there is the need to provide information on key features and benefits that a product brings.

Telling a story can be more compelling than any technical jargon or language that most copywriters resort to when they wish to impress people. What less effective copywriters forget, if they ever knew it, is that people are more likely to remember stories with their emotional connections than to recall figures and data.

A story need not be a long narrative. It can be a brief anecdote to illustrate how a person’s life improved or how the product became the long-sought solution to a persistent problem. While stories are more applicable in media such as television and radio commercials, they can also be effective in web sites, billboards, brochures and other publicity materials. Many slices of life, little anecdotes, can highlight and animate the multiple benefits of a product.

Highlight the Advantage

Not all products or services, even if they belong to the same category, have the same features and benefits. It is rare that products have exact counterparts meaning that there is at least one distinct feature of your product or service that stands out as the best among the rest. If that is the case with your product, your copywriter should shout it out with all her might in your copy. You have an ace up your sleeve and this is the best time to bring it out into the open.

A copywriter does not only study the product or service he is promoting. He needs to research competing products as well to know where the similarities and differences lie. In the process, your copywriter will be looking for the best, strongest, benefit of your offering. The outstanding benefit is usually called the USP or Unique Selling Proposition, this is the benefit that will be used to set your offering apart from the competitors. It is also important to identify and mention the other benefits in order to create a strong case to the reader, but the focus is still on the USP.

Remind the Reader About Their Pain

Copywriting is always an attempt to offer a solution by suggesting something that can improve the readers’ lives or feel make the reader feel better. Just like what people do when something is sore, they look for a way to reduce the soreness. This principle is behind one of the most effective copywriting tricks. Your copywriter will be working to make readers believe that the solution to their problem can be found in your product or service. By reminding the readers that they have been dealing with a persistent problem, your copy becomes a heaven-sent solution to provide relief or to get rid of what troubles them.

Reminding readers of their problem can only be effective if your product or service is then presented as the best solution that exists. No one wants to be reminded of what causes them pain. A skilful copywriter will find the right pitch to grab the reader’s attention without rubbing salt into sore wounds. The copywriter will work hard to sound sympathetic with the problems and caring enough to offer a solution, a solution that can be found by taking the CTA (Call To Action) which may be to click on a link to read a web page, to share an email to get hold of a report or brochure, or perhaps to call a telephone number for more information.

All of the copywriter’s skills are called upon to call attention to your product or service. There’s such intense competition calling readers to competing offers that you need to work only with copywriters who are proficient at working with the established techniques of attention getting and persuasion. There’s no room for amateurs in today’s competitive marketplace! When you are evaluating copywriters for your next project check examples of their work and make sure that they are effectively using the techniques described above. If they do not have these skills then do not consider them for your marketing, you will be wasting your time and money!

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