Strong Presell Copy Will Boost Your Sales Conversions

Presell copy is not sales copy and there are major differences even if the mindset and goals are the same.

Presell copy is supposed to do exactly what the word implies. Online readers are pretty savvy to what’s going on, but the complete lack of any selling words will help. What you’ll have the power to do with good presell copy is to engage your readers more and make them ready to receive your sales material.

You already know how important it is that you know your audience. This gets talked about all of the time because it applies to everything that you do in business. With preselling, it’s very important to understand the demographics of your audience. One of the most important things for you to do is customizing your message. This is a fancy way of saying that you need to make sure that you are good at communicating.

You can probably think about all sorts of different situations where writers have failed to think about their markets or have assumed things about them, the chances are that your own presell copy has fallen victim to this lack of understanding and empathy. I have seen cases where the writer didn’t even think about the primary gender of the audience. This is a terrible mistake to make because gender comes into play in many different ways.

Preselling Is Not The Same As Selling!

Sometimes, presell copy can start to look like a sales letter. This is not the impression you want to make on your readers. People are not likely to read presell copy that has this feeling to it. That impression can often come from the way that the page looks. Don’t go overboard with headlines, lots of fonts, yellow highlights and other typographical and design elements. That does not mean, obviously, that you should ignore the text formatting features like bolding or italics entirely but keep it real. Your presell pieces should look like ‘ordinary’ information articles – you want to fly under the radar and not get your readers to put up their ‘anti-sales’ defences.

Your presell copy is not about selling your offer and when your readers come to the conclusion that you are selling to them you will make people angry because they’re tired of reading sales copy and they really hate to feel tricked! An important way you can let your readers know right away that they are not being sold to is with your headline. So think carefully about the title you use for all presell copy. Do not mention the name of your product in the headline but always try to lead with a problem that your offer can solve for them.

Typically marketers put some presell copy on their business website. This means you will need to make sure that you write in your own voice and style. Your copy should be consistent as consistent as you can be with your writing and the way that it reflects you. Remember that people buy from people, so do not be afraid to let your personality come through in your writing.

Preselling will work quite a lot better for you if you keep it neutrally toned; while it is important to include some personality the tone shouldn’t be heavy in hype or superlatives. Just be yourself and write like you’re talking to your best friend. It is important to be respectful and to avoid pushing your reader even a little bit.

You wouldn’t lie to your best friend –so give all of the good and enough of the bad. This is the best way to write your preselling materials.

Making A Connection, Building A Rapport

If you have never intentionally written presell material, then you have to change that and begin. Your presell copy can build trust and confidence with your readers. At the same time, you can remind them of the itch that they need to scratch. Your presell copy lets your readers know that you can help them to scratch that itch. When your readers trust you enough to take the next step toward purchasing they will happily click on your call to action whether it be a link to a sales page, a signup to an email list or newsletter, or some other purpose. On these pages, you will find more articles devoted to preselling, and you can find out about more powerful techniques.

If you are new to preselling or have found that writing presell content isn’t for you then perhaps I can help. I have been writing great sales and marketing copy for years. Contact me today and we can discuss how I can help you to use presales copywriting to increase your profits!