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Writing for the web is something all online marketers must do eventually. The only way to avoid it is to hire others to do it, which can get expensive (I can help you with that!). But if you want to save money you’ll have an easier time of it if you can become comfortable writing for the Internet.

Professional Copywriters Know That Content is Still King

professional copywriting tips for Internet writing

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There’s no question that every online business depends a great deal on original quality content. Whether you’re engaged in email marketing, blogging or article marketing, your content is how you reach out to your audience. Good content is what gets people returning to your blog or website, or responding to your emails, or clicking the Buy Now link. Read on to find out how your written marketing content can be more effective.

The Internet is becoming more video and image oriented; it’s not a good idea to impose lots of text on readers. People are getting more accustomed to things like videos and pictures that accompany text on a page. If the page has sentences and paragraphs that are very long, this can also be a problem. Many readers or visitors will not want to tackle a text-heavy page and will click out of your site and look for something easier.

You don’t want to give people the idea that your content is going to take them hours to read and absorb. Many, perhaps most, readers tend to scan a page, so you need to make your pages easy to skim over while still getting your point across. If you want people to take the actions you choose then you must make your content as reader-friendly as possible – that means adding images, video, bullet points and subheadings whenever you can.

Break Your Articles Down

It can be beneficial to break a blog post or article into two parts, and you’ll find that many authority sites use this tactic. Whether you’re posting to your own site or guest posting on some other authority site, you can end the first part with a link to the second part. Doing this makes your content more compelling, and it makes you appear more credible as well. People usually think of the national media blogs when they see that because that is where this technique is often found. Also, your writing can appear more credible when it spans two or three pages.

Create a Positive Impression

When people look at your page, they form an impression of the format as well as the actual content. What this is really all about is keeping things fresh and different; giving your readers some added variety. No matter how interesting your post or article might be, this might not be enough to keep today’s Internet reader interested. The format you use plays a big part when it comes to capturing and maintaining the interest of your readers. Try these ideas to make your page layouts look better:

  • Use images on your pages
  • Where possible used bulleted lists
  • Add relevant videos
  • Use infographics (there are good designers on Fiverr and stock image sites often have good templates to build on)
  • Use bold or italicised text to highlight information

Make sure that any additions to your text such as video or images fit well with your content. Be wary of using inappropriate stock images and, even if the quality is not so high, try to use images that are your own and illustrate the content directly.

Improving your writing for your online business is something that can have a huge ROI. It’s a worthwhile pursuit if you want to be able to connect more readily with your prospects and customers.

You really can’t avoid the need to write when you are creating content of any kind. Whether you do your own writing, or you choose to outsource it, you should learn to recognize the characteristics of effective, good quality, content.

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