The Robots are Coming and They Want to Help!

Digital assistants that work as personal assistants helping users to manage all sorts of tasks are on the rise in 2017. You have probably heard of Siri, Apple’s own digital assistant tool; alongside Siri there’s OK Google! and Alexa and, on Windows devices, Cortana.

These software tools can help find local restaurants, search for the latest news, provide general information and even make jokes. Working with digital assistants through smart devices (mobile phones, tablets and laptops) can prove to be very convenient for consumers. However, it is important to understand what this rise in technology means for businesses and Internet Marketers.

Amazing Opportunities For Marketers

The technology of digital assistance provides a wonderful opportunity for the business and marketing world, especially as the use of mobile technology continues to quickly increase.

Digital Assistants Smart Device To Smart Human

Digital assistants are becoming more functional and efficient. This opens the opportunity for brands to increase their reach across mobile searches. For instance, customers who want to search for certain products or services just have to ask their digital assistant a question such as ‘Where can I find a pizza restaurant?’ the customer’s device will then provide information about local pizza places with opening times, contact info, menus, reviews, pictures and even directions from the user’s own location.

However, the key to success with digital assistant technology is that the information must be easy to access in order for the digital assistant to access it deliver your relevant info to the customer.

Even though digital assistance tech has come a long way digital assistance technology is not yet perfected. Digital assistants such as Alexa and Siri are still far from perfect, yet it will not be long before they are pretty close. Therefore, it is crucial that marketers and business owners are well prepared for the rise of digital assistants.

Siri and Alexa Are Not Only for Tech Obsessed Individuals

You may be surprised to learn that as many as 33% of smartphone users in the United States claim to have used a digital assistant within the past month. With these applications becoming more and more refined, it is only a matter of time before anyone who uses a smartphone will routinely be using digital assistants.

Even those who cannot imagine downloading a digital assistant will find that their favorite mobile apps, services and platforms will all have this technology implemented in order to reduce staffing and the cost of customer service.

There is no real way to avoid the digital assistant revolution, so it is better for marketers to embrace this technology and learn to include it in their advertising campaigns and customer relationships.

Optimizing for Digital Assistant Searches

One of the primary uses for digital assistants is to perform simple searches over the Internet. The more consumers are using verbal searching through their digital assistants, the more marketers will need to think about how digital assistants such as Siri will find their pages and information using long tail keywords and key phrases.

People are no longer going to be typing their search terms into their devices. Instead, they are going to be using verbal statements and questions posed to their digital assistant. This will have a major impact on search engine optimization and marketing.

From a business standpoint, you will have to put more focus on long tail keywords. In addition, you will also need to think about a more conversational approach to the planning and placement of those keywords. Whereas, right now your copywriter probably concentrates upon key phrases, often with one main term per content page, you will need to consider using questions that will lead to your brand and website for the readers’ solutions.

Optimizing a website for consumers who use digital assistants will put you well ahead of the game. It is worth using digital assistants in your day to day life so that you obtain a greater understanding of the way that they work and perform searches. You can then incorporate what you learn into your own business by, for example, ensuring that your website and pages are optimised so that Siri, Alexa as well as app specific assistants can access and share your information easily and accurately.

How To Create Digital Assistant Ready Content

The main points to remember in order to keep your marketing strategies up to speed with digital assistants is to use more than one or two keywords per phrase, optimize for all search engines not just Google and be mobile responsive.

When you hire me to carry out copywriting work for your web pages make sure to mention that you want to ensure that the content I write for you is optimised for work with digital assistants and you can be sure that you will be receiving effective copy that meets your needs!

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