How To Make An Affiliate Offer As Though It Were Your Own

I have just been having a discussion with a copywriting client. He is promoting a product as an affiliate. It is a good product, sells well and if marketed well will earn him a lot of money.

When I undertake a commission I undertake a fact find with the client, this usually takes the form of a questionnaire. In the questionnaire I am trying to ascertain the people that the client wants to talk to, the product benefits he wishes to share with his prospects and the reasons why the prospects should buy through his links.

In this case, the client had not filled out all the questions I asked, instead referring me to general affiliate support links, the same information that every other affiliate is using.

Know Your Prospect’s Name!

In my opinion, even when a product is an affiliate product it is very worthwhile to treat it as though it were your own. That means being as much of an expert on the product as the product creator.

To that end, for example, the affiliate might define a niche demographic that other affiliates (or the vendor) are not targeting.

When I am putting together a package in my own business I try to imagine a person who is the ideal buyer, or the buyer I am targeting. That’s why I ask questions about age, education, gender etc.

For example, right now I am working on a package to promote a yoga training course. I have a character, I named her, gave her a job and a city in which she lives. When I write anything, I write as though I were writing about her, or to her. In this way, I can work on the emotions of my target group. I can address their fears and desires. That gives me the power to persuade that group of people.

In that way I make the product my own, matching the benefits of the product that I have identified as being appropriate to the needs and fears of the prospect group.

How To Use This Secret In Your Business?

When you have identified your target group (and you can define several groups but usually only address one such group at a time) you can communicate with your prospects directly, on their level addressing their hopes and fears. This applies whether you do your own copywriting or you hire a professional copywriter. Never forget, sales is a personal business, even on the Internet. People buy from people, more specifically: people buy from people they trust. When you talk directly to a prospect, showing that you understand their needs and have a solution to their specific problems then the sales will flow automatically!