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A blank screen faces the writer of a white paper. The hardest part for most writers, the first words, the very first idea. That’s what I make go away!

Many whitepapers are written to support technical products and services and, originally, whitepapers were seen as being a tool for use only in technical situations. These days we use white papers in many business to business sales funnels.

It is a challenge for the writer of a technical white paper to attain a good balance between technical points and ease of reading whilst still appearing to be credible to a more knowledgeable reader. For this reason, I tend to advise using a different version of a white paper for different stakeholder groups. Because the cost of creating additional, targeted versions of a paper is surprisingly low this is a very good value enhancement to your marketing process.

A whitepaper written on the subject of whitepapers. This document has resulted in many thousands of dollars of sales when used in the pre-sale process. CLICK HERE!

This example was written to support upgrading to a new version of a widely used e-commerce platform. CLICK HERE!

Researched pre-sell page to attract cigarette smokers toward the idea of vaping. CLICK HERE!

Pre-sales piece for an acne treatment, using NLP techniques to drive readers to click through to obtain sample products. CLICK HERE!

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